Ventury Capital

The Ventury Capital Fund primarily targets Pre-IPO and PIPE opportunities, while also recognizing the investment growth that exists in Restricted Shares.

Investment Objective

The primary investment objective of the Ventury Capital Fund is to deliver positive returns and short-term capital appreciation by adopting a proactive investment approach primarily in the following asset classes and/or trading scenarios:


Pre-IPO Transactions

The Investment Managers will actively participate in pre-IPO transactions and private equity deals, which there is a reasonable probability of realization of the securities when the companies are listed on a recognized stock exchange, which are likely to facilitate the eventual listing for the Fund’s investments.


Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE)

The Investment Managers will actively participate in private offerings in listed companies. The Investment Managers will seek to exploit the potential exit strategies of PIPE transactions benefiting from the discounted purchase price arbitrage. The Investment Managers will also focus and invest on Restricted Shares.


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Ventury Capital invests in companies in a broad range of attractive sectors, looking for opportunistic and unique situations that require the market savvy and speed to take advantage of special dynamic market conditions. Our network of third party financial advisors, and our presence in key regions of the world allow us to have our ear to the ground for rare and exciting windows of opportunity.

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Our funds are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as professional mutual funds, and are only suitable for qualified and sophisticated investors.
Restrictions may apply depending on the investor's place of residence, especially with persons from the United Kingdom and the USA. To find out more, please contact us here